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A 2

SKU: BD716006

The A 2 headphone amplifier is used to operate a maximum of two headphones. As the two headphone outputs are connected in parallel, the connected headphones should have the same nominal impedance between 16 and 600 ohms.

The functions of the A 2 can be selected on the device itself or via the supplied infrared remote control. Furthermore, the headphone can temporarily be muted via the remote control.

The components inside the device are illuminated in a warm orange glow and can be seen through a transparent cover, which is made of a special ceramic printed glass with wave-shaped windows. The special circuit design features an amazingly natural and brilliant sound reproduction with an excellent resolution and spatiality. Discrete components are exclusively used as audio components. They may be bigger and require more room, but they work more precisely and reliably.

The volume control is made of solid aluminium with a high-grade motor-controlled ALPS potentiometer inside, which allows setting the volume via remote control. The selectable output impedance ensures an ideal control range of the volume potentiometer for all headphones no matter if they have a low or high impedance. With the selectable gain the A 2 can optimally be adjusted to the connected audio source.

Due to a microprocessor-controlled intelligent relay, unpleasant cracking noise is avoided when turning the A 2 on-off or when changing the audio source.

The gold-plated RCA connections on the rear allow the connection of audio sources and provide a signal transmission without loss. One input is passively connected with the line output of the A 2 to loop through incoming signals even when the A 2 is in standby mode. In this case the A 2 has only to be powered up if you want to listen to your music using your headphones. Two buttons to select the signal source are backlit in orange to indicate which signal input is currently active.

The supplied headphone stand can be mounted to the bottom of the A 2 for storing the headphone.

The selectable supply voltage of 110 - 120 V or 220 - 240 V allows the device to be used worldwide.


• Discrete design of the integrated audio components
• Two 1/4" stereo headphone sockets (6.35mm) connected in parallel
• Volume control for both headphone outputs via motor-controlled high-quality ALPS potentiometer
• Backlit standby button (red/green)
• Two stereo inputs for two signal sources (RCA phono), one of them is looped-through to connect signal sources with high levels (CD player, DVD player) and amplifiers
• Two buttons, backlit in orange, to select the signal source • Stereo output (RCA phono)
• Selectable gain (0 dB, -4 dB, +6 dB) and output impedance (0 Ω, 100 Ω)
• Switchable supply voltage for 110 - 120 V and 220 - 240 V • Remote control for all functions
• Headphone mute via remote control
• Headphone stand

Supplied accessories

• RC 2 infrared remote control
• Headphone stand including mounting set
• Power cable (type depending on the version)


Height 9mm
Width 36mm
Depth 120mm
Additional specifications Frequency response: 1 Hz - 100 kHz (-1 dB)
Signal-to-noise ratio: >101 dB (unweighted)
T.H.D.: 0.001% at 170 mW / 250Ω
Input impedance: 50kΩ
Output impedance: Headphone output 0 Ω/100 Ω (switchable)
Output power: 100mW / 600Ω; 170 mW / 250 Ω; 150 mW / 32 Ω
Channel separation L/R: >89dB
Maximum gain: 18 dB
Power supply: 110 - 120 V / 220 - 240 V (switchable), 50/60 Hz
Power consumption (operation): <15 W
Power consumption (standby): <0.45 W
Audio connections:
2 x line input, gold-plated RCA phono sockets
1 x line output, gold-plated RCA phono sockets
2 x headphone output, 1/4" stereo jack (6.35 mm), gold-plated contacts
Dimensions(W x D x H): 216x235x55mm
Weight: 2230 g

RC 2 remote control
Dimensions(W x D x H): 36x120x9mm
Weight: 36g
Battery: 1 x CR2032
ColourBrushed aluminium


beyerdynamic A 2 Audiophile Headphone Amplifier information sheet

The A 2 headphone amplifier is used to operate a maximum of two headphones. As the two headphone outputs are connected in parallel, the connected headphones should have the same nominal impedance between 16 and 600 ohms.

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beyerdynamic A 2 Audiophile Headphone Amplifier brochure

Everything is perfect! A complete package of the hi-fi range a beyerdynamic never had before. It is like the icing on the cake when listening to music with headphones regarding both the operation and the pure enjoyment of music.

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